ALMA is about improving individual health through lifestyle and environmental changes that reduce the need for medication and other medical treatment.

The ALMA eating plan for people & planet

A guide for improving health and the environment
in the modern world based on recent scientific
findings relating to the body’s evolved reaction
to certain foods...

Shared medical appointments (SMA’s)

A Revolution In Health Care Management


Great news.  ALMA becomes ASLM!

Lifestyle Medicine gets a new champion

On 1 July 2015, the Australian Lifestyle Medicine Association (ALMA) was relaunched as the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM), a multidisciplinary society of medical practitioners, allied health practitioners, public health physicians and health policy professionals, as an integral part of a global Lifestyle Medicine movement that is re-shaping our understanding of health, healthcare and clinical practice.

Our new Society:

  • Has strong, effective and proactive leadership, management, vision and purpose
  • Has an inspiring new Mission and Aims & Objectives, developed from ALMA’s original purposes
  • Has a largely flat membership structure developed from ALMA’s unique multi-disciplinary model
  • Is partnered with our international counterparts, the European Society and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine
  • Will have representatives from New Zealand on the Board and will look to serve both Oceania and South East Asia
  • Represents and advocates strongly for Lifestyle Medicine across all areas of health policy, healthcare and medicine
  • Has partnered with the Lifestyle Medicine Foundation (a health promotion charity) to fund and drive major initiatives
  • Is soon to announce the first fully international Lifestyle Medicine Scientific Conference in Australia in 2016
  • Will introduce convenient and accessible clinical training and formal qualifications in Lifestyle Medicine

12 months membership at the old price plus Foundation Member status

While our website and member services are in transition, you are invited to use the coupon code ASLMMEMBER for a discount of $110 at the checkout when you purchase a 1 year or 3 year Full membership before 30 September 2015.  Associate members can use the code ASLMASSOCIATE for a $55 discount.

A 3 year membership has the advantage of an extra multi-year discount, protection against future increases in membership fees and is not expected to be available as a membership option in the future. In addition, those who join ASLM or renew their Full membership before 30 June 2016 will be shown as a Foundation Member of the Society on their Professional Profile.

Read the full membership proposition here.

We warmly invite you to be part of an energetic, resourceful and creative multidisciplinary society of medical doctors, public health and allied health professionals. Now, more than ever, we need your support and your membership.  We look forward to serving you effectively and driving the growth of Lifestyle Medicine together.

Warm regards,
The Board and management of ASLM

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Shared Medical Appointments (SMAs)

SMAs are a new and revolutionary way of managing chronic disease in primary care.  They involve a doctor, a facilitator (who directs the 60-90 minute sessions and manages group dynamics) and 6-12 patients at a time.  If you’re frustrated with the limitations of 1:1 consulting, SMAs are for you- and your patients.

The first round of ALMA Certified SMA Facilitator training is starting soon!

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Free ALMA Online Tools


The Diet, Activity and Behaviour Questionnaire (DAB-Q) is a battery of 4 short on-line questionnaires to help determine the best weight loss strategies for you.

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Ideal weight calculator

Overcome the problems of BMI, with a body fat and weight score using this unique formula.

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The ALMA eating plan for people & planet

A guide for improving health and the environment in the modern world based on recent scientific findings relating to the body’s evolved reaction to certain foods.

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What is Lifestyle medicine?

Lifestyle medicine bridges the gap between health promotion and conventional medicine. It involves a range of health professionals working as a team to prevent, manage and treat the ~70% of modern health problems which have a lifestyle-based cause.


The Lifestyle Medicine website is a world first when it comes to supporting Australians in the active management, treatment and prevention of lifestyle related diseases.


Become an ALMA member to get access to the latest research and information on lifestyle factors that influence health, participate in a growing community of health professionals focused on prevention over cure and help support the expanding movement towards lifestyle improvement.

Upcoming events

ANZOS / ALMA Annual Scientific Meeting

October 16

The Australian and New Zealand Obesity Society (ANZOS) and the Australian Lifestyle Medicine Association (ALMA) take great pleasure in inviting you to attend the 2014 ANZOS / ALMA Annual Scientific Meeting.